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spoonflower fabric palette display how-to

11 Sep


I’ve been designing and selling fabric on Spoonflower for awhile now and to do my small part to aid the community, I’m going to stick a quick tutorial on here showing how I add a palette display to my fabric descriptions so anyone else who wants to can do something similar with their designs.

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7 Sep

Cosmopolitan (Paint)

I got a bunch of new patterns I designed swatched recently from Spoonflower. Shown above are some swatches from my Cosmopolitan collection which is loosely inspired by mid-century modern design.

Shown above:

Colorway Painted Beads Painted Quirky Stripes
Ghost view pattern detail view pattern detail
Retro view pattern detail view pattern detail
Warm view pattern detail view pattern detail
Cool view pattern detail view pattern detail

poppy clutch

20 Jun

poppy clutch

The second of the wallets I made last week, this one was made with my Poppies pattern and the Pocket Clutch pattern by Keyka Lou.

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floating across the tops of cities

8 Jun

Floating Across the Tops of Cities

Another new pattern. Floating Across the Tops of Cities in black and white, available on Spoonflower.

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comic prints

1 Feb

I just ordered a bunch of swatches for new fabric from Spoonflower. Among the patterns I’m proofing is a vintage comic book inspired collection I’m calling ‘Heroes and Villains’ (pictured above).

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sugar skull mask

19 Oct

A quick break from the birthday presents for a Halloween treat.

I’ve mentioned Spoonflower and my obsession with random fabric designs before in this space. Well this project was my entry (now available for sale) for a fabric design contest featuring masks.

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fabric design and spoonflower

15 Jul

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time over the past year or so thinking about sewing. Between work, getting stuff done around the house and my strenuous tv watching and video game playing schedule, I don’t sit down to sew as much as I’d like.

Despite this admittedly self-imposed situation, I still spend a great deal of time daydreaming about projects. I’ve got several patterns tucked away waiting for me to get some motivation. This leads to a lot of thought about what kind of fabrics, prints and colors I want to use. This is one half of why Spoonflower is so dangerous for someone like me.

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