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better homes and gardens May 2014

14 May


See that pattern in the middle? That’s my pattern, Watercolor (Sunshine) via Spoonflower, in Better Homes & Gardens May Issue. Pretty spiffy.


I promise I’ll only use my fame for good.


iphone case

3 Jan

iphone case

Before I get into posting the Christmas presents I made this year, I figured I’d post my most recent project: an iPhone case for my sister’s new phone.

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concerned carrot

12 Oct


This guy is my oldest niece’s birthday present. He’s a giant carrot.

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spoonflower fabric palette display how-to

11 Sep


I’ve been designing and selling fabric on Spoonflower for awhile now and to do my small part to aid the community, I’m going to stick a quick tutorial on here showing how I add a palette display to my fabric descriptions so anyone else who wants to can do something similar with their designs.

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faux lace repair

4 May

grunge lace repair

I wear mens’ undershirt tank tops (wifebeaters) on a daily basis. At something like $12 for a pack of four, I just can’t argue with them. The one pictured above wasn’t sewn right along the neckline and it tore the first time I wore it, so I repaired it with a grungy lace fabric I designed.

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christmas bags

12 Jan

pixie bag Untitled floating across the tops of cities ditty bag

In addition to the toys, I also made the older nieces and nephew some bags with fabric I had printed by Spoonflower.

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birthday presents, part ii

26 Oct

emma bag fabrics Untitled

Had I actually started the aforementioned birthday presents early, I’d have also had some bags to give the kids as well.

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