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birthday Beemo

26 Jun


This year my nephew requested two specific presents for his 7th birthday. The first one was Beemo from Adventure Time, which he actually asked me in person. The second was a Homestar Runner shirt, which he had my youngest sister text message me to ask if I could make him one.

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faux lace repair

4 May

grunge lace repair

I wear mens’ undershirt tank tops (wifebeaters) on a daily basis. At something like $12 for a pack of four, I just can’t argue with them. The one pictured above wasn’t sewn right along the neckline and it tore the first time I wore it, so I repaired it with a grungy lace fabric I designed.

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birthday presents, part ii

26 Oct

emma bag fabrics Untitled

Had I actually started the aforementioned birthday presents early, I’d have also had some bags to give the kids as well.

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bang head here

1 Jul


Every so often I am punished by the universe for my lack of attention to detail when multitasking. Last night it was with the realization that I’d managed to make two left side fronts for the vest I’m making for my sister.

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