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7 Sep

Cosmopolitan (Paint)

I got a bunch of new patterns I designed swatched recently from Spoonflower. Shown above are some swatches from my Cosmopolitan collection which is loosely inspired by mid-century modern design.

Shown above:

Colorway Painted Beads Painted Quirky Stripes
Ghost view pattern detail view pattern detail
Retro view pattern detail view pattern detail
Warm view pattern detail view pattern detail
Cool view pattern detail view pattern detail

floating across the tops of cities

8 Jun

Floating Across the Tops of Cities

Another new pattern. Floating Across the Tops of Cities in black and white, available on Spoonflower.

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undulations (b&w)

7 Jun


New pattern, Undulations (b&w) available for sale on Spoonflower.

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22 Mar


Two prints from my Lace collection on Spoonflower. The designs consist of hand drawn lace in stripe repeats. I had these two printed on jersey so I could cut them out and sew them on t shirts.

from top to bottom:
Lace Stripe (tight)
Grunge Lace

For a clearer view:

comic book geek

25 Feb


Another new fabric collection on Spoonflower: Comic Book Geek.

It’s inspired by vintage comics and consists of three patterns available in two colorways: Villain and Hero. The first pattern is a scattering of sound effects. The second pattern is stars of varying sizes. The third is a collection of speech bubbles.

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2 Feb

Another set of patterns I’m proofing using Spoonflower are these minimalist-art inspired ones. I tried to do these ones in varying palettes, as for some unknown reason my initial inclination is to make everything in greyscale.

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comic prints

1 Feb

I just ordered a bunch of swatches for new fabric from Spoonflower. Among the patterns I’m proofing is a vintage comic book inspired collection I’m calling ‘Heroes and Villains’ (pictured above).

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