popsugar must have january box

29 Jan


Last week I received my second PopSugar Must Have box.


As I have mentioned previously, the Must Have box is $35 a month, including shipping (extra $5 off with code REFERFRIENDS before 2/28/13) and PopSugar guarantees at least $100 worth of items in each box.

The retail value of the goods in this box was approximately $110.83. Here’s the details of what I received.


Kraft Jet-Puffed Mallow Bits in Vanilla – $6.49

These little vanilla marshmallow bits remind me of the kind of marshmallows you get in Lucky Charms. I haven’t tried them in hot chocolate yet because I just came off having hot chocolate every day for a week as dessert. Honestly, I’m probably going to use these to bake because I love baking (and eating baked goods).


Popbar Hot Chocolate on a Stick in Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate – $5.98

Made with premium chocolate, these blocks of chocolate on a stick are intended to be dunked in hot milk and allowed to melt to make hot chocolate. I’m intrigued by these, but again, just had a ton of hot chocolate a few weeks ago and am taking a break.


ThinkThin bard in Dark Chocolate Coconut, Caramel Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nuts, and Creamy Peanut Butter Protein – $5.42

I haven’t tasted these yet, but I’m on the fence about them conceptually. I love the normal Special K cereal bars, but I tend to hate protein bars. They’re usually too bland and squishy for me. Plus, while I don’t count calories that much I do find myself comparing other bars to the 90-calorie Special K bars and at 170, 190, and 270 calories, they just seem like a lot of bulk for not a lot of food. We shall see.


Epicuren Tea Tree Lip Balm – $9.00

Is it just me, or does this pot resemble a shotgun shell? It’s probably just me…I did try this lip balm quickly one evening. It’s got tea tree oil in it, which gave it a nice cooling sensation. It also has SPF15 and is made from natural ingredients. It’s a nice, smooth balm, if a bit like Vaseline in consistency. It didn’t last as long as thicker balms do, but it did moisturuze my lips.


Remix Time Bomb watch in White – $44.95

This watch was one of the big-ticket items in this month’s box. It’s got a removable face and a silicone band. It’s also huge. I like the fact that the face has a light function and that you can switch bands if you want variety, but it’s so big I don’t know if I’m likely to wear it. I got a white one, which suits me better than the pink that some people got, but it’s probably a little more flashy than I’d wear.


And seriously, it’s large. I don’t have narrow wrists, and it’s basically the width of my entire wrist. Probably meant to be unisex?


Stott Pilates Stability Ball 65cm – $38.99

My mom bought a couple of these years ago, and they always slightly frightened me. What if it rolls too far and I bust my head open? What if it pops when I’m on it? That was mostly paranoia, because it never happened to anyone else in the house. I injured my back a couple years ago, so I’m tempted to use this as a computer chair since that’s supposed to be good for your back. However, I’m starting a new job soon and uh, I don’t want my new coworkers to think I’m insane, so I’ll probably just use it at home.


Casetagram Voucher – $15

This voucher is good for $15 off a customized phone case. I like to make designs as a hobby, so I actually might use this. I always keep my phone in a case because I may occasionally drop it. And I might have once dropped a previous iPhone in my parking lot and left it there for several hours. In the rain. It was in a silicone case though, and it didn’t break.

My overall impression of this month’s box was positive, despite the fact that I don’t know if I’ll wear the watch.


2 Responses to “popsugar must have january box”

  1. Must Have Boxes January 29, 2013 at 6:09 pm #

    This box looks amazing! What a great value.

    – KW

    • leigh January 30, 2013 at 7:32 am #

      It is definitely a really good value for the money. Even if you don’t want to use everything in there, it’s hard to argue with the amount of stuff in it.

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