christmas 2012 – zombie toast

9 Jan


This was my oldest niece’s Christmas stuffed animal this year: a piece of zombie toast.


When my second niece asked me to make her a stuffed animal, I may or may not have realized that I didn’t have a very wide range of colors of fleece to work with. The bacon was easy enough, as I had all of the necessary colors left over from making her birthday steak. The egg was also pretty easy, since I had the colors from Hobbes (which was the only stuffed animal I thought I was making at the time). Sure it had an orange yolk, but it didn’t look that weird. Then I looked at the colors I had significant amounts of and started trying to think of what to make my oldest niece. Basically, I had a greyish purple and some blue-greens.


Since I was going with a breakfast theme, I was having a hard time thinking of something that would work in those colors. Then I remembered when I proposed making her a zombie carrot for her birthday. I ended up making her a normally colored one, but I figured I could make up for it by making her some zombie toast.


He’s got uneven, blank, bulgy eyes and a crooked mouth to further zombify him.


He also ended up kind of huge compared to the other kids’ toys. Completely unintentional and entirely due to my inability to think about measurements for stuffed animals. Makes a nice pillow though.


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