christmas 2012 – bad egg

9 Jan


This is my nephew’s stuffed animal for this year. He’s a bad egg. (The stuffed animal, not the nephew.)

Since my second niece asked for bacon, I figured I’d go with a breakfast theme for the older kids’ presents.


He’s made of fleece, with felt features. Since he is a bad egg, he’s sneeering.


He’s also got a tattoo. I stopped myself from giving him a cigar, since I thought that my sister might not find that the most appropriate gift for her 7 year old. It was super tempting though.


The flatter white of the egg is stuffed with four layers of quilt batting so it holds its shape.

Like the bacon toy and the toast I made for my oldest neice, I made this pattern myself. I freehanded the egg white, since it would have taken more effort to tape paper together in order to make a pattern than it did to just draw it on the fleece. I traced a bowl and then sewed darts into it to make the yolk.


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