christmas 2012 – sir bacon

8 Jan


This was the request that sparked the stuffed animals for the older kids. I’d been asking them since October if they wanted stuffed animals for Christmas and wasn’t really getting the impression that they did. Then, two weeks before Christmas, my ten year old niece walks up to me and says, “I want bacon for Christmas.”

Being the perceptive aunt that I am, I proceed to tell her that Grandma always makes bacon for breakfast Christmas morning, so she’ll be able to have some when everyone goes over to her house. This is met with a furrowed brow and some slow blinking before she explains that she wants me to make her a stuffed animal that is bacon. And this means that I have to whip up three stuffed animals in two weeks since I can hardly give two of the four kids stuffed animals without making the other two something.


Hence, this guy. He’s made of fleece with felt features.


Thankfully, I have been building up a bit of a stash of leftover fleece from other presents so I could avoid being anywhere near a mall within two weeks of Christmas. I won’t even go into that part of town after Thanksgiving.


He’s not super thick. Partly because he’s a slice of bacon, and partly because my sister technically said “no more stuffed animals” because my niece and nephew sleep in a mound of previous presents I’ve made them, which apparently renders making their beds very difficult.


I think he turned out fairly well. I can honestly say I have no idea why I went for the monocle and bowler hat, but I think they’re nice details.


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