pesto flatbreads with eggs

5 Nov


I made these flatbreads with pesto, ricotta, and eggs last week for dinner.


Everything except the ricotta was made from scratch, which meant that I had to wash every dish in the kitchen. The flatbreads had a pesto made with fresh spinach, basil, and garlic, ricotta cheese, corn, asparagus, and fried eggs on them.


I also had to use yeast in the dough for the crust and let it rise, which freaks me out. I’m always convinced that it won’t rise enough and it’ll end up like a noodle.

The end product was definitely tasty. As soon as I figure out what the link for the recipe was, I’ll share.

And yes, those are some sweet 1970s Pyrex bowls with avocado-colored flowers on them. If my mom only knew how much I would use those she’d know how happy I was when she gave them to me when I moved. I’m still majorly bummed out that a cat we had as a kid knocked the set of 3 nesting mixing owls off of the top of the refrigerator onto a tile floor and shattered all but the middle one. I use that thing constantly.


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