birthday Beemo

26 Jun


This year my nephew requested two specific presents for his 7th birthday. The first one was Beemo from Adventure Time, which he actually asked me in person. The second was a Homestar Runner shirt, which he had my youngest sister text message me to ask if I could make him one.


The shirt was actually to replace one he had made himself. He apparently didn’t realize that the paper star he’d taped to a red shirt would tear, so when it did he immediately decided to ask for a real one.

I cheated for the sake of time and bought a red shirt. The star’s made with a double layer of white jersey (so it didn’t look pink). The star on the shirt is intentionally asymmetrical since that’s the way it looks in the cartoons.


Beemo took a little longer to make. He’s made of fleece with felt detailing. He’s also gigantic. I’d measured the fabric to make him smaller, but it looked really small to me. I should probably have thought about the fact that he’d also be relatively thick, but I didn’t.


I tried to make everything to scale as best I could. I operated off of the proportions in this picture:


I’ve only seen one episode of Adventure Time, and during that episode Beemo is pretending to be a “real boy”, pretending to brush his teeth and to go to the bathroom. It was adorable and kind of sad.


I sewed the entire thing by hand, mainly so I could watch tv while making him.


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