leather necklace

4 May


I made this necklace one afternoon this week. It’s one of two I’ve made in the past few days.


I went a little nuts on etsy at the end of last week. I planned on making my sister a necklace for her birthday, but then I realized since we’re also roommates, she’d probably notice I made a bunch for me too and that’d cheapen the gift. Plus it’s late…


I’ve had the leather lacing for awhile. I bought it to make myself a bracelet which I’ve worn daily for a few years. I can’t remember where I bought it, which is driving me nuts.


The chain is from yadanabeads on etsy. I sewed the strips of leather in 4 lengths to this chain, then added lengths of this chain connecting to a clasp.

The most difficult part was sewing through the leather by hand. Even with leather needles it was a pain. (Well, that and taking pictures of it on without making them look like creepy shots of my chest.)


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