monster pillows

25 Apr


Those four guys are the Easter presents I made for my nieces and nephew. They’re (mostly) furry monster pillows. I say mostly because this year I’ve got a new niece, and I didn’t think long fake fur was a great idea for a 5 month old who likes to chew on her hands. Hers is minky.

I will eat that fake fur, I swear it.


This is apparently Agnes. I think she’s the only one who got a name while the kids were at the house. My oldest niece got her. Her face and horns are black and pink flannel. She’s got angry eyes because I was trying to make them all have different eyes. (Is it wrong to admit that I only had so many ideas for how to make them look similar, yet distinct?)


This one has doe eyes and deer-ish horns. Her face and horns are purple and grey flannel and she was made for my second niece.


This one was for my nephew. He got a manly tan and black flannel face and horns. My nephew really loved turning him upside down and using the horns as legs.


This was the one for the baby. The body is a cream colored minky with moons and stars on it instead of the grey and white fake fur. The face and horns are a green and cream flannel. I love those stubby little horns.


So did she.

As the kids are getting older (especially the girls, the oldest will be 13 this year!) I’m reaching the end of my window to make all of them similar presents. It’s kind of a bummer because stuffed animals are way more fun to give as presents than clothes and money.


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