31 Jan


Confession: I love sparkly things. If we can ignore my tired looking eyes (and sloppy 5:30am makeup application technique), the pure awesome sparkliness of Urban Decay’s Stardust eyeshadow can be appreciated.


Any time I’m around makeup of any kind, I immediately gravitate to whatever’s sparkly/shimmery. I got a sample of this eyeshadow (in Retrograde) from Sephora at some point and I was in love instantly. It’s insanely sparkly, but you can build the intensity so that you don’t necessarily look like you’re unleashing your inner drag queen while at the office.

You have to be fairly careful. If you use a loose bristled eyeshadow brush, you’re going to get tiny glitter on your face and it is not going to want to come off. Primer’s definitely a good idea. (Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer works really well and lasts forever. Plus it comes in a few colors.)

It also works very well as an eyeliner, which is actually how I use it most of the time. (In the pictures I’m using some $2 loose eyeshadow as an eyeliner.)

Just the tiniest bit of Space Cowboy put on (over their primer in Eden) gives a nice amount of sparkle without being too overwhelming.


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