christmas bags

12 Jan

pixie bag Untitled floating across the tops of cities ditty bag

In addition to the toys, I also made the older nieces and nephew some bags with fabric I had printed by Spoonflower.


My oldest niece got a Lots of Pockets Tote made with a Keyka Lou pattern (I used the Lots of Pockets Tote pattern which has been discontinued). I used two patterns I designed to make the bag, Ruffle Some Feathers in the Lilly colorway and Chaos & Circles both printed on Linen-Cotton Canvas by Spoonflower. As with every Keyka Lou pattern ever, it went together really easily and the instructions were great.

pixie bag

My middle niece got a Pixie bag, also made with a discontinued Keyka Lou pattern. I used my Dyslexic Heart and Manipulation (Dyslexic Heart) patterns for this one. My second niece is very girly and all about pink stuff, so I figured those designs would suit her well. For some reason I only ever took one picture of this bag. Maybe it’s because the pearl snap I put on was defective and I was mad because I had to sew velcro over it since it’d already made a hole in the bag and I didn’t want to mess with prying it out…

floating across the tops of cities ditty bag

My nephew got a travel bag, made from the Ditty Bag pattern by Keyka Lou. There was a lot of debating done over this one before I remembered I had this pattern. When you’re making the older sisters purses and bibs for the baby (more on that later) it’s hard to know what to make for the boy in between. Luckily Keyka Lou has sales sometimes so I’ve built up a good collection of patterns that I can dip into in cases like this.

I made this bag from my Floating Across the Tops of Cities and (though you can’t see it because it’s the lining) Manipulation patterns.

Confession: I actually bought the stuff to make these bags intending to make them as the secondary presents for the girls’ birthdays in October, but I didn’t order the fabric in time and then I had a bunch of other stuff going on so they got pushed back to Christmas.


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