nyc take one

1 Nov

Got back Sunday from a trip to New York. I leave Sunday for a trip to New York. My return was from vacation, my next departure is for work.

Vacation timeline:

  • Friday –
    • airport, cab, hotel, subway
    • Grimaldi’s Pizza
    • subway, hotel, change into all white for Night of the Apparitions
    • walk to McKittrick Hotel for Sleep No More




      sleep no more mask

    • after party, absinthe punch, whiskey, tequila
    • walk back to hotel
  • Saturday –
    • subway to breakfast at Clinton St. Baking Co.
    • see snow, in denial about it being any trouble
    • split tasty biscuits, pancakes, hash browns
    • slipping all over increasingly slippery sidewalks back to subway
    • Metropolitan Museum of Art


    • insanely slippery sidewalks
    • attempt to hail cab for 45 minutes to avoid slipping and injury walking back to subway
    • spirit broken, walk/slip to subway muttering curses due to cab drivers who refuse to pick anyone up not going in a 4 block radius
    • soaking wet feet and shoes
    • fruitless search for rubber boots
    • stop and buy gloves
    • hotel, attempt to dry shoes/socks, put wet shoes/socks back on
    • contemplate cab to Brooklyn, take subway
    • walk/slip to Music Hall of Williamsburg


    • Golden Animals and Spindrift open, both excellent
    • the Black Angels play, kick ass, take names
    • walk/slip back to subway and hotel

Despite the horrible weather on Saturday and potentially destroying my favorite boots, it was an excellent trip. We probably should have looked at the weather in more detail because both of us only brought a hoodie and a leather jacket, not exactly ideal for the weather on Saturday.


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