birthday presents, part i

26 Oct


With my nieces having birthdays a week a part, September is always a mad rush to finish up presents for them (+1 for their little brother). This year, of course, was no different. I had a baby shower gift to finish in September as well, so I didn’t get started early despite telling myself that I would.

My oldest niece got an evil ice cream cone made from a pattern in this book.


It went together fairly well, despite that greenish fuzzy fabric being a nightmare to work with. I originally bought it for the baby shower gift and couldn’t make it work for that, so I decided to try to use it up on the birthday presents.


My younger niece got my version of Smurfette, because she specifically requested her.


I modified a pattern from this book, changing the shape and adding hair, a hat, a dress, some bloomers and a nose. If I were to do it again, I’d have not done the protruding top of the face. When I decided to do that, I wasn’t planning on putting a nose on her. Then she was looking a lot like Prairie Dawn, so I added the nose and it looks a little weird.


My nephew got a…monster? I’m not really sure what the little guy is. I just had a pear-shaped body in my head and made up a pattern with some stubby little arms and legs.


Once I had his body together, I just randomly decided on the single gemstone eye and the felt ear tufts.


Seriously, next year I’m going to start these things early…


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