gps case

24 Aug


I did a quick bit of problem-solving sewing yesterday evening involving making a new case for my GPS.


There isn’t a lot of clutter in my car, with the center console devoted solely to storing my GPS when it’s not in use and allowing my iPhone to connect to my stereo.

The latter function actually led to my decision to change my GPS case. The zipper on the little clutch I’d been using to store my GPS up until now has been broken for awhile, but since I don’t really use it all that often I let it go. However, when that busted zipper scratched the cover on my phone last week, I decided it had to go.


I decided to use my Exit Row pattern on Spoonflower, which I ordered a few months ago on organic cotton sateen to make a small travel bag that in my laziness is still unmade. I figured it was travel-themed so it’d work. I lined it with a spotted flannel that I keep using to line things, despite my realizing that it’s a little too flimsy to use as a lining due to it stretching and tearing when the item in question is turned right side out.


For the pattern I measured the size of the current case, accounted for the addition of a flap, created darts for the front to accommodate for the bulk of the GPS and rounded all the edges because I am incapable of making sharp corners.


I decided ahead of time that I was going for a button closure because I wasn’t having another zipper nick my phone and/or break. In the end I went with two coordinating green buttons because they weren’t particularly large.


For the first time ever, my machine’s automatic buttonhole function had a hiccup and the one buttonhole’s slightly wonky on the top. That just adds the (what I’ll generously call) charm added by the flannel lining on the flap getting messed up when being turned right side out.

In the end, for less than an hour’s work I have a new GPS case (albeit imperfect) that won’t scratch up my phone. Not a bad deal.


2 Responses to “gps case”

  1. Rob August 25, 2011 at 9:32 am #

    I love this case! Truly unique.

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