hard drive case

16 Jun


This is a case I made for my portable hard drive a few months back. It was one of those spur of the moment projects that get whipped up in 15 minutes. (And a close inspection will show that it was a quickie project, as the loop to close it is off-center and the bottom of the flap is decidedly asymmetrical.)

When I decided to make this case I’d just bought myself a 250GB portable hard drive. I needed something that would let me move stuff between my work laptop and home computer without hassle. I’m one of those people with a folder of saved images that I use as ideas for projects. I’ve got scores of them saved so when I’m feeling stumped as to what kind of palette I want to use I can just scroll though and draw from the colors in the picture. I’m not actively trying to do it at work, but I never know when I’ll come across something with a palette I’ll like, so it does happen.

I absolutely love both of the fabrics I used for this project. The one on the outside is Ghastly Bramble by Alexander Henry. I love how it looks like a bunch of scribbles on paper. I also got it on sale for $2(!) a yard.


The fabric on the inside is a super soft black on white plaid flannel I got at Walmart a few years ago. I wish I’d have gotten more of it, but at the time I’d planned to use it to line a laptop bag. Unlike a lot of flannels, it doesn’t fray like crazy around the edges. It would have been excellent for a shirt.

All in all, the case works perfectly. I can put the drive itself in the large pocket, and it’s USB cable fits snugly in the front pocket. Now I can throw my hard drive into my work bag and not worry about losing the cable or getting the drive scratched up.


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