3 May


The second Easter present for this year: a vampire. In case it’s not noticeable, I didn’t really go with a theme this time around. I just bought a pattern and then tried to figure out how I could adapt it into 3 different toys for the three kids. Three toys out of a $9 pattern is certainly bargain shopping in my book.


This guy was a more straightforward adaptation of the pattern. I basically took the pattern and divided up the front and back pieces to delineate hair, face, and clothes. He also got a sweet cape.


A cape which I completely forgot to sew between the head and clothes parts on his back and had to sew on after the fact.


This is a good example why my attempting to wing it when doing things is dangerous. Once I get started, I tend to skip steps unless I write them down first. Not a total disaster, but I could have saved myself some time and frustration had I just done it properly in the first place.


The vampire got these really interesting red buttons with metallic bits in them for eyes. He’s also got some excellent bucktoothed fangs made from two layers of felt sewn together.


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