3 May


This penguin was the first Easter present to be completed. As mentioned previously, I used this pattern by DIYFluffies on etsy.


I cheaped out when I was buying the fabric, so she(?) came out quite a bit rounder than intended in the pattern. The local chain fabric store isn’t keen on cutting in anything but quarter-yard increments, and I really only needed maybe 3 inches more than a quarter yard to cut with the grain as specified in the pattern so I couldn’t quite bring myself to go up to a half yard. I don’t mind chubby stuffed animals, so I figured I’d just rotate the pieces slightly. This was actually nothing to do with price, but more with my inability to use fleece for anything but stuffed animals. I still have a bunch leftover from Christmas, but all in barely usable sized scraps.


The pattern went together pretty easily, and even with my refusal to pay attention to grainlines I think it turned out well. A little rounder than intended, but pretty cute nonetheless.


The kids are all more than old enough to be trusted not to try to eat the eyes off of their toys, so I decided to use interesting buttons as eyes. (It’s also worth noting that I sew those suckers on as though I’m going to be using them as anchors when spelunking, so they’re probably not coming off.) The penguin got these clear jewel-looking ones. I was kind of afraid they’d end up looking creepy, but I think they work.


Though from that particular angle they do look a might menacing.


One Response to “penguin”

  1. Melody July 20, 2012 at 8:41 pm #

    Love him!

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