31 Mar


Muslin done. Aside from making the bottom a little longer, I’ve got it to a point where I’m mostly pleased with the fit. I’m glad, because safety pinning myself into that sucker was annoying.


I’m using shirting for the actual top that’s a little stiffer than the suggested silk, so I’ve gone for a more fitted look. I wish I could find silk in the local chain shop, but I’ve got to make what I can find work. I’ve dropped the neckline a bit and gotten rid of the keyhole because it felt more comfortable that way.

The (possibly) stiffer drape of the shirting required a few inches to be added to the tops of the darts, though this might only have been necessary in the muslin so I’ve got to pay close attention when I’m making the actual shirt. All I know was that on the muslin the original dart positions were creating a weird look on my bustline.

Though in more carefully examining the pictures on the Colette Patterns website, I’m wondering if I’d accidentally marked the darts up higher than intended (and made them longer than intended). I don’t pretend to have been perfect when combining the sizes and tracing the pattern, so it’s possible I mixed up which size to get the dart positions from. I am terrible at remembering which style of dotted line I’m supposed to be following. I should probably take care to mark my waistline on my muslin and take the darts from whatever size has a corresponding waistline on the pattern.

The topography of my torso is admittedly challenging to accommodate, causing waistlines and hemlines to creep up well past where they belong and probably not helping much in this case. Maybe I need to pin myself into the muslin one more time, draw the darts where they look like they’re supposed to be on the finished garment and just use that as a guide.

I still might take in the ribcage area and the bottom flare a tiny bit on the sides, but that depends on how they look once I’ve sewn the shirt. I’m not the best judge of how fabric will lay in a finished garment, and I figure these won’t be that hard to change if needed.

I can’t decide if I went overboard making everything fit or not. Part of the design of the pattern is that it’s a little looser and drapier. However, looseness in tops tends to give me a seriously unflattering tent effect as it makes everything under my chest appear to be the same size as my bustline. While I’m not really keen on a skintight look, I’d rather not walk around looking pregnant. Hopefully the darts and the softer fabric will help fix that and I can pare back the additional height I added to the darts.


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