29 Mar


Yesterday I made a decent bit of progress on the muslin.

I sewed the darts, attached the front and two back pieces and sewed the sleeves. All that’s left is to add the facings and decide if any adjustments are necessary on the fit. I also have to decide which of the fabrics I bought to actually use, but I’m leaning toward a pale blue cotton with a slight herringbone pattern.

I’ve got to admit, I’m a little surprised how well the Frankensteined sizes are going together. I sort of figured that since the top part and the bottom part of the bodice were several sizes apart I’d have to do a lot more trimming to accommodate the difference, but that hasn’t been the case. It’s gone together relatively easily, which has been nice.

I’m also surprised that I haven’t learned to read directions any better than in the past. Had I used a clearer picture it’d be obvious that I didn’t sew the darts the way they were supposed to be sewn. I sewed them so that a row of stitching is clearly visible on the outside of the fabric, but I kind of think I like them that way. I might sew them that way on the proper version as well.


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