finished bag

28 Mar


I finished the bag I was making for my sister last weekend, but didn’t get around to taking the pictures for a few days. When I finally did take them, I realized that taking pictures of a black bag with black detailing is slightly challenging.

All in all, the bag turned out pretty well. I drafted the pattern myself, though the size suggestion and general design elements were set by the recipient.


The flap posed a bit of a problem for me logistically. It had to be a separate piece due to the band around the top of the bag, but it also had one of the herringbone detail pieces continuing onto it from the body of the bag. As such, it ended up getting a line sewn through it when the top band was attached. (Or in my case 1.5 lines because I didn’t notice I was running out of bobbin thread the first time I went to attach the top band.


The top band is probably the biggest modification over the last bag I made for my sister. On that one, I’d sewn the zipper right along the top edge of the bag (partly because I forgot about it until I was done). With no edge of any kind to grab, the zipper is kind of hard to open on that one. No such problem with this one.


I probably should have cut the detail piece for the two zippered pockets a little wider than I did. I made the pattern before buying the zippers and ended up buying larger ones than anticipated.


The inside of the bag has 2 pockets: 1 zippered at the back and a divided patch pocket in the front.


The bag has a box bottom that is 4.5 inches wide. Though I debated folding the points outward and adding another snap as a stud, I chickened out and sewed the points of the box inside of the bag.


I am moderately annoyed that the black cotton sateen that I used for the body appears to be pilling slightly. I’ve used this same fabric (or what is supposed to be the same fabric by the same manufacturer) on a bunch of products and never had that problem before.


Overall, my sister seems pleased with the bag, having swapped her old purse out for it and carried it for a week. Though maybe the threat of being stabbed with a seam ripper if she doesn’t use it is a real enough one to make her carry it daily…



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