25 Mar


Yesterday afternoon/evening I managed to finish tracing and cutting the pattern onto pattern paper between doing other things. I also started pinning and tracing onto my muslin.

I knew I wouldn’t have time to finish, so I was tracing the pattern onto the fabric with a bright green pen. I have a couple of the fancy water soluble and disappearing ink tracing markers, but even the water one doesn’t like to stay on for 24 hours. It’s awesome when you’ve got several hours to dedicate to a project, but since I work full time and come home and make dinner and do a bunch of other random stuff around the house they don’t always work out for me. As a confession, I always just used to use a Sharpie to trace patterns onto fabric.

I’m hoping today I’ll be able to cut everything out and get started on sewing the actual muslin. I don’t make clothing items very often and I’ve never tried blending several sizes, so I’m a little antsy to see where I have to make adjustments.

Additionally, I have a 25% off coupon for a certain chain fabric store (that is the only option I’m aware of around me) and am thinking I might pick up some fabric to make some more shirts. In addition to the Sencha pattern, I also have the following patterns:
burda short sleeve blouse
burda JJ shirt
flutter sleeve cardi by littleweasel
burda wrap top (though not even I can argue that I need more jersey)
burda Idit

I’d look to get my hands on some silk charmeuse, but realistically that’s not happening. I’ll hope to find some more shirting instead.


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