24 Mar

sencha pattern

I started tracing the pattern for my Sencha shirt today.

I didn’t get terribly far, as yesterday was trash day and chores didn’t leave me a ton of time to lay the pattern out and trace it.

There’s something about patterns that leaves me incapable of cutting into them. Unless it’s a printable pattern, I always have to whip out my blank newsprint and trace the pattern. I think it’s a nagging fear that I’ll cut the wrong size and ruin the whole thing. (And for the record, newsprint is a less than ideal pattern paper as it’s not quite transparent enough to see what you’re tracing. However, you could by a 25 yard roll for $3 at the art supply store, so I couldn’t resist.)

So far the blending of the two sizes seems to be going fine. Because I’m doing this and using a non-stretch fabric, I’m going to make a muslin before I make the actual shirt.


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