home decor

24 Mar


My sister and I have been in the house for almost two years and we still haven’t managed to place all of the decor items we’ve collected in their proper places.

Part of the problem is that we can’t seem to hang anything in our exterior walls. I’m beginning to suspect that they’re made of diamond. I know we cheaped out on the drill we bought, but even borrowed nicer (but not hammer, it should be noted) drills don’t seem to make a dent, no matter what bit is used.


We have made some progress, sticking to hanging stuff on the interior walls, mainly.

Pictured above are the two panels we made to run along the walls at the top of the stairs. The antique keys came from eBay and cost less than $20. Unsurprisingly, it can be pretty cheap to buy keys that don’t have any locks associated with them. The cork was ordered from a school supply store online, cut to the proper size and painted with leftover slate blue metallic paint that we’d used to pant the risers on the stairs. We used black (carpet?) staples to hold the keys on, hammering them lightly into the cork. So far so good, as none have fallen out and they’ve been up there for nearly a year. We bought L-shaped brackets (I can’t recall their proper name) which were bent with pliers on one side and placed between the cork and the wall to support the weight and make sure the nails didn’t tear the cork.

We’ve also had a decent amount of success in the family room. For some reason, it became designated the room to hold our music-related decorations.

We’ve got the first issue of Rolling Stone, which we lovingly liberated from the drawer our father probably forgot he left it in:


A poster from a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club show we went to a couple of years ago:
(all that glare on the glass is why they try to sell you on the museum glass when you get stuff framed)

And perhaps the best decoration, a copy of the Muppet Movie Soundtrack on vinyl:

That one was a freebie, because it was in the drawer of a coffee table our mom decided to give us when we bought the house, probably forgotten about since it was purchased for us when we were kids. There was also a Mr. Rogers album in there. Now I loved Mr. Rogers, but the picture on the cover on that one was creepy, so it lives in the drawer.

I also have two robots by Nerdbots that I got for my birthday last year (Transistor and Carnation) hanging out in the living room waiting for the day when we can hang the shelves we bought for them.


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