24 Feb


I am using anorak snaps to act as rivets on the bag I’m making my sister, as I did the last time around. Since for supplies I mostly operate out of a chain fabric store, I had to improvise when looking for something to look like a rivet/stud (I don’t know what they’re actually called) and the snaps worked quite well.

That’s not to say that I’m doing a satisfactory job of attaching them. I had exactly two to spare, which is exactly the number I mangled last night. And I’d only had time to attach 4 of them, making my failure rate even worse.

I try to make myself feel better by rationalizing that smacking away at the little attachment tool with a hammer is a less than precise science, but I’m still a bit bummed that I’m probably going to have to squeeze in a trip to Joann Fabric to buy another pack of snaps.

Plus, I’ve also realized that I didn’t make the detail piece where the zippers for the two external pockets are located quite wide enough, so I’m going to have to be extra careful putting the snaps on the corner. I drew the pattern up in a graphics program pretty quickly and should have double checked the dimensions. I’ll alter it if I ever do anything with the pattern again.

I’m only attaching the top halves, which means I’ve now got a nice bag of bottom snap halves that I’ll have to find some use for.


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