23 Feb


I’ve been thinking about my jewelry a bit lately. There’s a site called Shapeways that lets you upload 3D models and have them produced in a variety of materials. Luckily for me, I don’t know how to use any 3D modeling software effectively yet or else I’d be buried alive in prototype jewelry. I do say yet though, because I’d love to learn 3D modeling and make a few pieces once I’ve got some time. Nothing super fancy or anything.

I love to wear necklaces so I can play with the pendants while thinking/working/etc because I’m fidgety. Today I’m wearing one of the two necklaces my sister got me for Christmas, the Silver handcuffs and key necklace by Jenny Dayco. (She also got me the Silver two feather necklace since they were so reasonably priced, which is always nice.)


I’ve also got three Pyrrha necklaces that I absolutely love (including this one pictured above). They’re made using casts from antique wax seals.

I switch up my necklaces from day to day, but I always wear my rings and my bracelet. (The bracelet’s just a strip of leather lacing that I wrap around my wrist three times, nothing too exciting.)


The rings are a trio of stacking rings by metalicious (here also). I came across the rings when I was looking for a ring that had a gemstone cast in metal, which I always thought was a really neat idea. The designer was kind enough to make the rings in solid sterling silver for me when asked, which made me quite happy. Yellow gold always makes me red and itchy, and I’m not that keen on how it looks on me anyway so I tend to avoid it.

I really like both Supermarket and etsy for finding unique jewelry. There are some really talented people out there making stuff.


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