keyka lou

16 Feb


I’ve learned a great deal from making things using patterns. I’m pretty good at seeing the rough pattern shapes that go into making something, but I sometimes fail to think logically about the order in which I should be sewing them together.

In particular, Keyka Lou patterns have taught me a lot of things about making bags. The instructions are brilliant and have taught me a number of tricks that I’m sure I’d never have figured out on my own. Plus, as an added bonus the clutches/wallets/bags always come out looking really good, even if you’re a notoriously impatient and undisciplined sewer like me.

For example, I knocked out two of the Fold-Over Clutch pictured above and below the evening before a trip to Universal Studios.


I didn’t know that they have those lockers outside the rides, and I didn’t want to have to worry about losing my glasses case or wallet on roller coasters. I abandoned contacts in college and am now saddled with the classic swap of glasses for sunglasses whenever going between shade and sunlight and figured, rightly so, that in spite of the fake snow there might be some sun to be had in Florida.

The only modification I made was to add a second D-ring and clip so I could attach it to my belt loop while on rides and it worked perfectly. The titular fold-over keeps everything from falling out without a zipper, which is nice. Mine now lives in my larger work bag, where I can pull it out to stash my glasses/wallet/phone if I head to lunch or to run an errand during the day and don’t want to lug a messenger bag around.


I also suggest reading her blog, as she posts tutorials and discount codes and lovely pictures of fabric and projects.


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