sewing slump

2 Feb

This seems to happen to me every year. I get into a gift-making rush between my nieces’ birthdays in October and making presents for Christmas and then come January I become extremely lazy with respect to sewing and don’t touch the machine or a needle for a few months.

Normally this only affects me, causing me to push off projects for myself that I’ve been setting aside to finish up things with tangible deadlines. The shirt pictured above shirt is a good example. I started that shoulder in September and aside from adding that same number of feathers to the other side, that’s pretty much all that’s done nearly 5 months later. I also bought myself enough of the print pictured below to make a t-shirt out of it and it’s still sitting in the envelope it shipped in looking all nice and stripey.

This year, my laziness is a bit of a problem. Knowing full well that I was going to get into this mode, I still managed to commit myself to making two projects for my sister (a bag and a vest). Turns out it’s quite hard to blame your lack of progress on doing ‘important things’ when the person who you’ve promised things to is also a roommate who walks into a room and sees you reading comic books.

I’m hoping I can kick myself into action soon, because after I’m done with my sister’s projects I really do have some things I’d love to get done for myself. I got a serger in December and despite my urge to turn the dozens of yards of jersey I have into a closet full of t-shirts to suit my lazy engineer wardrobe, I haven’t managed to plug the thing in yet.


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