little fat bird

20 Oct

This little guy is the stuffed animal I decided to make my nephew to correspond to his sisters’ birthday presents. His beach ball physique is a result of the pattern I drafted in an attempt to simplify the project.

In my original planning for the birthday/unbirthday presents, I’d decided to make my nephew a little dinosaur from a pattern. I bought the pattern, fabric, and the buttons for the eyes. As I was cutting out the pattern, I realized that it had a bunch of pieces. This made me feel a little guilty.

Over the summer, when my nephew’s birthday rolled around I decided to make him an acoustic guitar. It took me longer than I’d anticipated and instead of making the girls each something as well, I had to settle for buying them something small from the store. It hasn’t exactly haunted me ever since, but I do feel guilty.

Thinking back on this, I decided it’d be kind of hurtful to make my nephew something complicated when it wasn’t even his birthday. Since I’d made his sisters birds for their birthdays I figured I’d stick with the theme, but I wanted something that would go together easily. The cheapskate in me couldn’t bring myself to buy another pattern, so I was trying to think as simply as possible. I decided I’d draft a pattern based on a beach ball, slap some wings, feet, eyes and a beak on it and call it a bird. It turned out a lot better than I’d expected.

This one was sewn almost entirely on the machine, as my goal was to be done as quickly as possible. His body consists of 6 pattern pieces, plus 2 for each wing and 2 for each foot. I filled his feet with plastic pellets, and stuck some in the bottom of his body. His wings aren’t stuffed, nor is his beak. His button eyes look a little reptilian due to the fact that they were picked out for a dinosaur, but I don’t think it detracts from his looks terribly.

I added his spiffy robot-printed bow tie after the fact. I felt he was missing some form of embellishment and that was the only idea I could come up with. The pattern is by keykalou and it was super easy. So easy, in fact, that I made two in about a half an hour with numerous other distractions. The first one I made was a bit too big and the scale looked off. (It might be put on some elastic and presented to the nephew as his own bow tie.) The second one was perfect. The bows gave me the opportunity to use some of my leftover Distant Future fabric I’d had printed by Spoonflower for another project. I am the person who will keep any scrap of fabric that’s bigger than a square inch, so the chance to use small scraps of leftovers delighted me to no end.

Aside from the fact that I struggled mightily to sew his beak and feet on even remotely straight, he went together really quickly and easily.

I actually feel a little guilty again, because he’s kind of my favorite of the three things I’ve made this round of gifts. It feels a bit egotistical to like the pattern I made so much, but I can’t help it. He’s just so round. And that little bow tie absolutely kills me. I just want to squish him.


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