new presents

14 Oct

It’s happened every year for the past several years. Around August, I enter a state of mild panic. Having completed my nephew’s gift in late June, it usually takes about that long for me to realize that I have birthday presents for both of my nieces that need done by the beginning of October.

The girls’ birthdays are only a week apart, which usually means giving them both their presents at the same time. This presents an interesting issue, as giving two of three young siblings presents at the same time will make the third (and in this case, the youngest) feel left out. For this reason I’ve always tried to make/get something for all three kids on their birthdays. Typically it’s something more complicated for the birthday kid(s) and something quick for anyone else.

Since by this point I am well aware of my total inability to judge how long it will take me to complete a project, I try to sort out what I’ll be making for each kid ahead of time. This time around, I decided to use patterns. My older niece would get Charlie Cockatoo, my younger niece would get Kiri the Kiwi and my nephew would get a small Timmy the T Rex (though this one got changed at the last minute) by Funky Friends Factory. The girls would also each get an owl coin purse (pattern by Keykalou).

I arbitrarily decided to make the presents in order of descending age of the recipient. I’m going to try and cover each set of presents in its own post within the next few days.


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